Babylon Berlin

series•  dir: Tom Tykwer, Achim von Borries, Henk Handloetgen, • cutting room  • production: X-filme, ARD degero, Sky, Beta Film • 2019

The Ways of My Master

Documentary film • dir: Tobias Meinecke • artistic producer, editor  • work in progress

How Milos Foreman taught film and life

The Pitty of It All

Documentary film •  dir : Danae Elon • production: Entre Deux Mondes Productions, Montreal • work in progress

German Jews had an immense impact on cultural, scientific  and social life in Berlin.  It was not inevitable that it had to come to an end. A single individual has an immense impact on the behavior and development of us all.


Documentary film •  dir: Lars Barthel, Grete Jentzen • in collaboration with Akademie der Künste, Koberstein and  Deutsches Theater • 2018

"To be engaged in something with as much common sense in a group as possible and with as much self responsibility as possible at the same time. And to present this result, the temporary result an even  larger group of people.", answered Gosch on the request  to define theatre.  The movie dives into the work of his last three productions - "Uncle Wanja" , "The Seagulf"  and "Idomeneus" at Deutsches Theater Berlin.

Amongst others Corinna Harfouch, Meike Droste, Christian Grashof, Jens Harzer, Alexander Khuon, Bernd Stempel, Ulrich Matthes, Hermann Beyer, Michael Gwisdek, Marcel Kohler..

Closer to God

Documentary film •  dir: Annette Berger/ Grete Jentzen  • 2018

The Sufi musician Ustad Nasserudin Saami sings with every cell aligned in his body to form a sound. His technique follows an oral tradition passed on for 700 years. While he teaches his students and sons he emphasizes: To know yourself better means to know God better. Another, Gogha, is doing pilgrimages throughout the country, from shrine to shrine and by foot. He dedicates his life to help people. An approach to the mystic and tolerant side of Islam.

Als wir die Zukunft waren

Episode film • dir: Lars Barthel, Gabriele Denecke, Andreas Voigt, Peter Kahane, Thomas Knauf, Hannes Schönemann. Ralf Marschalleck • 87 min • 2015

The seven directors are connected to their upbringing in the German Democratic Republic and they all worked for the  East German Film Studios DEFA. Their childhood was affected by the post war. Some of them lost their fathers in a young age and then their believe in socialism. Finally the problem was, that the socialists didn't trust their own children. The episodes are echoing the utopia of a past.

BErliN -Aus diesem Trallala kommst du nicht raus

Documentary film • Buch/Regie/Kamera/Ton/Produktion: Sobo Swobodnik mit Pantea Lachin • 90 min • 2015

Ben Wagin, 85 years old, is one of the Berlin originals who for the last sixty years has influenced the city with his controversial style. As a performance artist, environmental activist, natural philosopher, tree godfather and anarchist he has left his marks in the German capital.  This man has an incredible oeuvre, an incredible energy and productivity. It is documented in the movie together with his unbridled ingenuity.

The film is an observation of the creativity, influence and ideas of this playful crossover artist. for over one year. As a sort of “court jester”, he knows how to use politicians and creative artists to his advantage and serve his purpose at its best.

In einer Kriegszeit leben 13 – 3 -13  - To live in war time

Documentary film • Director: Corinna Harfouch • based on writings of  Ethel Adnan • 20 min • Dance theatre performance • 2014

Cotton Trail

Documentary film • Director: Jörg Reichhardt •  Production: bransch europe  Hamburg • 2013

Humanitarian and environmental friendly Produktion of cotton from the seed to the shirt

Selam Habibi _Romeo und Julia

theatre: Volksbühne Basel • Director: Anina Jendreyko • Production:kap film • 85 min • 2013

The actors are of of Kurdish, Moroccan, Turkish, Polish, Persian, Albanian, Bosnian, Cameroonian, Palestinian, Armenian, Swiss and German origin.

The conflict doesn't explode between two families or gangs but between very different individuals lost in their cultural and local disorientation  and their desire for belonging and friendship.

Die Krähe - The Crow

Collage with paintings by Johannes Heisig, music by Henning Lohner and words by Ted Hughes performed by  Wolfgang Krause-Zwieback • 58 min • 2012

Abschied von den Fröschen -  Farewell to the frogs

Documentary about the West Berlin filmmaker Ulrich Schamoni • director: Ulrike Schamoni • production: Ziegler Film GmbH • 92min • 2011

Together with the daughter Ulrike Schamoni they were looking through 170 hours of filmmaterial  left by filmdirector Ulrich Schamoni in the 1997/ 98. They realized an indvidual, humerous movie full of joy de vivre about the multitalented German filmmaker (for instance "ES" - first German  presentation after the war at the Cannes Film Festival 1965).


nominated by Verband der Deutschen Filmkritik as best documentary film, fipresci Kritikerpreis 2013

nominated for best editing by Deutschen Kamerapreis 2012

ukux kaj  ukux ulew – Heart of Sky Heart of Earth

Documentary film • director: Frauke Sandig, Eric Black • production: umbrella Films, co-produced by ZDF/3SAT • 98min • 2010

Documentary about the Mayas of today, their view onto our world on the backdrop of the prophecy of 2012

awards 2013

The Silver Chris Award,  Columbus International Film Festival,

Baikal International Film Festival PEOPLE AND ENVIRONMENT (Best Director", Publikumspreis)

Rassegna International Archeological Film Festival in Italy (Special Mention)

Festival Terres en vues in Kopräsentation mit RIDM Montreal (best cinematography", "best documentary")


Planet in Focus Film Festival, Toronto (Bester Internationaler Film)

Internationales Menschenrechtsfilmfestival, Bolivien (Erster Preis, Premio Pukañawi)

Deutscher Naturfilmpreis (Publikumspreis)

International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights Geneva (Special Jury Mention)

Internationales Menschenrechtsfilmfestival, Buenos Aires (Special Jury Mention)

DocsDF, Mexico City (Special Jury Mention)

Nikko Weidemann – live

concerts of the Berlin musician • Produktion: BMG • 2010

Fünf Szenen eines verlorenen Films  - Five Scenes Of a Lost Movie

Documentary • director: Jürgen Gosch • production: DEFA Stiftung • Berlin • editor • 2009

In 1980 director Jürgen Gosch and Master-student cinematographer Lars Barthel were shooting the movie “Experimente”  (experiments ). when their  film reels were confiscated by the East German secret service Stasi. Here they try to reconstruct a few scenes that were found.,10810590,10585088.html


Documentary  • 75 min • production: Script House, Berliner Herzzentrum • Berlin • 2008

editing director

Wir brauchen den festen Boden unter den Füssen

Documentary • director: Philip Vogt • 78 min • productio: HFF  München • consulting editor • 2008

GMO's from Germany are on their way to support the victims of the Tsunami in Thailand. The young boys and girls arrived to give elderly experienced locals advice.

Mein Führer

Making of • director:  Sabine Lidl  • 87 min  • production:  X-Verleih AG/ WDR/ arte • Berlin • editing director •  2007

Family currents

Regie: Tobias Meinecke  • 5 min • 2007


image film for Audi France • director:  Tobias Meinecke  • 32 min •  production: shortcut • Koblenz • editor • 2006 • art tv • HDTV •  • Berlin • editing director • 2006

Mein Tod ist nicht dein Tod  - My Death, Not Yours

Documentary • director: Lars Barthel • 85 min • production: ö – Film/ ZDF Kleines Fernsehspiel  • Berlin • editing director • 2005

Chetna came from India to East Germany. She was eighteen and I was twenty three when we studied at the filmschool in Potsdam-Babelsberg. She died only twelve years later, while we where shooting in India. Ever since I have wanted to talk about our love, our time in India and West-Berlin and about life in the GDR in the seventies. But without her,  it seemed impossible.  Until she finally involved herself again. Here I am, she said and that was the beginning of the last film we made together.

awards: 2007 Max-Ophüls-Preis, Saarbrücken• 2007  best documentary, achtung BERLIN  • 2007 special award of the jury, Festival Türkei-Deutschland, Nürnberg • 2006 Discovery Award, Dokumentarfilm-Festival Leipzig

Rod Steiger  - a portrait

Documentary  • director: Fred Golding • 46min • production: Wilson & Golding for BRAVO  tv• NYC • 2001

To mirror the versatile personality of legendary actor Rod Steiger, undoubtly one of America's greatest actors, with an unparalleled body of work, was a challenge. It is still shown on Bravo TV. Nominated for the Peabody Award 2002.

Mummies in Guanajato

Documentary • 26 min • production: Engel Brothers Production for National Geographics • NYC • 2001

Two scientists examine natural mummies preserved in one of the largest mummy museums of the world. It is dead funny. You get to know a lot about the former life of the mummies.

In aller Freundschaft - All friendship

TV - series  • 45min • Leipzig / Munich • Saxonia Media/Bavaria production for mayor national TV - network ARD • 1998 - 1999


Feature film  • Director: Daryush Shokof  • 85min  • Golden Egg Film Production • Cologne • 1998

The painter and film director Daryush Shokof (“Seven servants” with Anthony Quinn) tells the story of a scriptwriting couple, who are desperately trying to pitch their scripts to film and TV producers. Besides great expectations, a good score and excellent camera work, the film never made it big. Maybe the idea to split up the part of the wife into three different women from different ethnic backgrounds was too experimental.

... Or A Beautiful Idea

Documentary •Tracks Film Production GmbH • Berlin • 1995

In collaboration with Birgit Kniep as a co-author and director, we closely portrayed the internationally acclaimed multi-cultural theatre and dance group 'The Needcompany' with their unique leader and writer Jan Lauwers during performances in Frankfurt and Munich. The group, touring worlwide, is still using this film for promotional purposes.